The Legal Priorities Project (LPP) is excited to announce the winning submissions from its Cost-Benefit Analysis Writing Competition! You can have a look at the winning submissions here.

Winning submissions helped clarify pathways and obstacles to better representing the interests of future generations and mitigating catastrophic risks. We were thrilled to see serious, scholarly engagement on these critical topics and look forward to further exploration of these topics in the future. Now the next step begins: learning from these submissions and providing practical guidance to policymakers and researchers on how to implement these ideas.

We hope to write a review of the competition and its output once we've had time to review and reflect on the process. If anyone is interested in helping as we begin to process the outputs of this competition (conducting follow-up research and drafting policy briefs/comments) please reach out at

We warmly thank all authors who submitted entries as well as the members of the judging panel (Prof. Benjamin Eidelson, Prof. Arden Rowell, and Rich Theroux)! Congratulations to the 6 winners!




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