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Hi all!


I intend to write a post about curing aging as a cause area and the recent advances made in the field. I am looking for people (especially biologists) who know something about the topic and could help me collect and summarize the evidence for and against taking this area seriously. Please let me know if you would like to join :)




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Note that a bunch of posts on this topic have previously been written - so probably worth checking them out first: See: https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/topics/aging-research

Many of these were from 3-5 years ago, so it could be worth providing an update. It could also be worth creating a really thorough overview of the various arguments in one post, assuming none of the previous posts are in-depth enough, or lots of points are spread out across numerous posts. 

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Wow, nice! Thanks for sharing! That's great news!

I'm neither an expert on aging, nor a biologist (only a silent consumer of the aging literature and stuff that Prof. David Sinclair says about the topic). Just wanted to say that I'd love to read a post on this!

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