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[EDIT: Peter Gebauer took over the podcast in February 2022. Thanks, Peter!]

tl;dr I used to run a podcast that consisted of audio from YouTube videos about EA. I no longer want to spend time on this, so leave a comment or email me at pbrinichlanglois@gmail.com if you'd be interested in taking it over (or if you know anyone who might be).

Since September 2014, I've run EARadio, a podcast that now has over 450 episodes (mostly talks from EA Global). I no longer want to spend time on it, so I'd be happy to give full control of it over to someone else.

How valuable is the podcast?

I'm unsure whether it's valuable enough to justify the time it would take to run it. The most-recent episodes received 150–200 downloads each. And Apple Podcasts reported only 10–15 "engaged listeners" per month during the months when new episodes were still being posted. (I don't know much about podcast statistics, but these numbers seem low.)

On a more-positive note, an EA Forum post about the podcast from a year ago got 66 karma and a few positive comments. And it's possible that with more effort (in both production and marketing) the listenership could be expanded. Finally, there was a great deal of interest in the Nonlinear Library, which is a similar product.


For much of the past year, I've paid Ben Cordell (now the audio engineer for 80,000 Hours) to post new episodes. He's not currently available to work on the podcast, but may be again in the future. He referred to me someone who would be willing to work on it in the interim. I can get you in touch with them if you'd like to outsource the audio side of things.

The podcast is on a podcast-hosting service (Buzzsprout), so it would be easy to transfer ownership. I'd be happy to continue paying the subscription costs ($12–$18/month) if you were to take it over. (You could switch to a different podcast host if you wanted to, and I'd still cover the cost if it was similar.)

I have a list of copyright holders I have permission from to include in the podcast, which I would share with you. Most of the people I asked gave permission to have their content included.

I would also transfer the podcast-directory accounts (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.) to you so that you could view detailed platform-specific stats.




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I want to express my deep gratitude to you, Patrick, for running EA Radio for all these years! 🙏 Early in my EA involvement (2015-16), I listened to all the EA Radio talks available at the time and found them very valuable. 

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