Announcing open applications for the AI Safety Careers Course India 2024!

Axiom Futures has launched its flagship AI Safety Careers Course 2024 to equip emerging talent working on India with foundational knowledge in AI safety. Spread out across 8-10 weeks, the program will provide candidates with key skills and networking opportunities to take their first step toward an impactful career in the domain. Each week will correspond with a curriculum module that candidates will be expected to complete, and discuss with their cohort during the facilitated seminar. We expect a set of candidates to pursue applied projects of their choice.

The program is aimed at undergraduate and (Master’s/PhD) graduate students, and young professionals. If you are a high-school student with demonstrated interest in AI safety, we encourage you to apply. We expect applicants to come from a diverse set of backgrounds, including but not limited to STEM, economics, law, and public policy, etc. 

The course is primarily aimed at Indian citizens, NRIs, OIC card holders, and Indians living, studying, and working abroad. Having said that we encourage candidates from all nationalities and regions to apply - especially other Global South countries.

Applications close 23:59 IST, 19 May 2024. Expected program dates are 10 June–31 August, 2024.

Apply now! Find more information on our webpage. If you know someone talented who would benefit from this program, consider referring them. We have a few spots open in our referral program– please reach out to partner with us if you are interested.

Axiom Futures is incubated by Impact Academy. You can follow the LinkedIn page or subscribe to the newsletter to stay informed about similar opportunities.





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I am honored to be part of enabling more people from around the world to contribute to the safe and responsible development of AI. 

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