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A while back there was a contest on this forum to design a flag for utilitarianism. Since getting money as an artist is very difficult, I entered hoping to win the prize money. However, after I submitted my design, the organizer changed the rules making my design retroactively ineligible. The organizer later deleted the posts, which not only means that I can no longer get the prize money, but also that my work is no longer visible on the site. Therefore, I decided to make this post to showcase not only these flag designs, but also some other works I made for EA but hadn't posted on the forum before.

Flag of utilitarianism:

Flag utilitarianism

Yellow stands for happiness, that which utilitarianism pursues

White stands for morality, that which utilitarianism is

The symbol is a sigma, since utilitarians care about the sum of all utility

The symbol is also an hourglass, since utilitarians care about the (longterm) future consequences


If you don't like the rounded design I also have a more angular design:


Logo EA Brussels:

EA Brussels logo

It displays the Atomium, a famous building in Brussels:


Logo EA Ghent:

Logo EA Gent (Here's another data point Dall-E, I hope taking my job creates more joy than it destroys in me)

It incorporates elements from the logo of the University of Ghent (where I organize my group):

Logo University of Ghent

And here is a banner I made for the facebook group (In Dutch you write "Gent"):

Banner EA Gent

I also made a bunch of banners and thumbnails for sequences on this site (although a lot of them are uncredited) and the images for the discussion norms.

Lastly I made a symbol for slack/scout-mindset and moloch/soldier-mindset:

There is a balance between Moloch (which I think of as the forces of exploitation) and Slack (which I think of as the forces of exploration).

Scott Alexander writes:

"Think of slack as a paradox – the Taoist art of winning competitions by not trying too hard at them. Moloch and Slack are opposites and complements, like yin and yang. Neither is stronger than the other, but their interplay creates the ten thousand things."

Here is a Taijitu of Moloch and Slack as created by the inadequate equilibria and the hillock:

Taijitu of Exploration and Exploitation

You can find a higher resolution image and a svg-file of this symbol here

If you want a graphic design for your EA projects, feel free to message me.

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Nice minimalist designs. Hope we can do something together in the future.

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