Are you experiencing a lack of energy, concentration, or motivation sometimes? Are you worried, strained by high stress, or pressure from inside or outside? Are anxiety, or self-doubt, in your way of feeling or performing as well as you want to? 
If this is you or someone you know: The Rethink Wellbeing program might be the right opportunity to tackle this.  The program is designed to help improve mental wellbeing and productivity of ambitiously altruistic people using the latest psychotherapeutic and behavior change techniques. 

Why now? Why would you consider taking the time to participate now when you are so busy (as literally nearly every ambitious altruist all the time ....)? Why not postpone it? Because you'll likely get back the time. People who are well can do more good. Program participants on average had ~9 more productive hours per day pre-post program (N=42, p<0.05). Also, we just released our first demo video that we'd love you to see and get your thoughts on.

What now? You can share this with people you know who might benefit or consider participating yourself. Get a sneak peek into the program by watching our brand new 7:30 min demo video or learn more about and apply to the program via this EA forum post (applying only takes ~15 min).

Summary of the program: Participants attend weekly 2-hour- group sessions together with 4-6 well-matched peers, led by a trained facilitator, and engage in readings, exercises, and application of the learned tools in between the sessions. This program requires 8 weeks of commitment, with a total of 4-6 hours per week. According to their posts, last year's pre-post results showed great engagement (90%+ recommendation rate) as well as significant improvements in wellbeing, productivity, and mental health. Among the participants were employees of high-impact organizations such as 80,000, Effective Ventures, Rethink Priorities, and the Center for AI Safety.





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