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Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) is a charity evaluator focused on organizations working to improve animal welfare.


ACE was founded in 2012 and uses evidence and reason to serve people who want to help animals. Trillions of animals experience extensive but avoidable suffering on farms and in the wild, which motivates its team to contribute to a world where all animals can flourish regardless of their species. ACE works toward this by identifying where donations can best help animals and awarding grants to promising projects that help animals around the globe.


Every year, ACE publishes a list of "Recommended Charities" after spending several months evaluating animal advocacy organizations to identify those that work effectively and are able to do the most good with additional donations. Its goal is to help people help animals by providing donors with impactful giving opportunities that can reduce animal suffering to the greatest extent possible. You can view 2023's Recommended Charities on their website.


As of November 2023, ACE has received over $2.2 million in funding from Open Philanthropy,[1] and over $700,000 from Effective Altruism Funds.[2][3][4]

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