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Here's my original proposal, which could guide further work on this (which I unfortunately don't have time to do myself):

"Coaching or Coaching & therapy or something like that

Basically I think it'd be useful to have a way to collect all posts relevant to coaching and/or therapy as ways to increase people's lifetime impact - so as meta interventions/cause areas, rather than as candidates for the best way to directly improve global wellbeing (or whatever). So this would include things like Lynette Bye's work but exclude things like Canopie.

In my experience, it tends to make sense to think of coaching and therapy together in this context, as many people offer both services, the boundaries between these concepts/services seem fuzzy, and many of the relevant considerations seem similar. But it could make sense to have two tags.

Examples of posts that would be covered by a tag covering coaching:

Examples of posts that would be covered by a tag covering therapy:

Do you think the tag is a good fit for this post? I ask because someone created the Psychotherapy to tag it, and I wonder if the two tags should be merged.

Just to let you know that my grant expired a couple of weeks ago and am now in the process of collecting information that will help potential funders assess the Wiki's impact.  So, conditional on securing funding, I'll only be able to look at this in a month or so.

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