Cognitive bias

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When I proposed this tag, I wrote:

I feel unsure whether we should aim to have just a handful of entries for large categories of biases, vs one entry for each of the most relevant biases (even if this means having 5+ or 10+ entries of this type) 

Pablo replied:

My sense is that it would be desirable to have both an overview  article about cognitive bias, discussing the phenomenon in general (e.g. the degree to which humans can overcome cognitive bias, the debate over how desirable it is to overcome them, etc.) as well as articles about specific instances of it.

I replied:

I think you mean it'd be desirable to have both a general article on cognitive bias and one article each for various specific instances of it?

Rather than having just one general article that covers both the topic as a whole and specific instances of it?

Given my assumed interpretation of what you meant, I've now made an entry for Cognitive biases and another for Scope neglect. People could later add more, or delete some, or whatever.

Yes, that's what I meant. Thanks for creating the articles.