Information security

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What I have in mind is that this entry/tag could cover cybersecurity, cyberwarfare, cyberweapons, and information security. My loose understanding is that: 

  1. "cybersecurity" contains within it the other cyber things I mentioned there
  2. "information security" overlaps with cybersecurity, but doesn't contain all of cybersecurity, nor is entirely contained within cybsersecurity (i.e., it's neither fully a superset nor fully a subset)

But this isn't my field, so I could be wrong about those things, which could mean we should change the name.

It's also possible that there are other topics this entry/tag should cover.

Not my field either. Wikipedia has a "series" on information security, under which they include computer security, which is their preferred term for 'cybersecurity'. But you say that "information security" doesn't fully contain "cybersecurity" nor viceversa, so maybe these fields have vague boundaries, or perhaps there's disagreement about how they should be defined.

I spent a bit more time looking at this and decided to change the title to just 'information security', based on the following reasons: (1) the term 'cyber security' doesn't appear to have a clear definition; (2) it seems to make more sense to organize an entry around the foundational concept of information; (3) this is how Wikipedia organizes its articles in this area; and (4) when possible, we should avoid articles with the form 'x and y'.