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25 year old data analyst living in the UK. Passionate about learning & knowledge formation. Setting up www.teachingyouhowtolearn.com as per this EA forum post https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/EwJuWKicdY76rtCsN/80-000-hours-esque-charity-teaching-people-to-learn-and-form


Ok this is my public commitment that I will write up my experience as you did!! Will tweet too

Amazing! I signed up for the course after reading your post and talking to someone at Prague Fall Season about it, very excited to try it :)

A few months later, have these results endured? Imposter syndrome and work related anxiety still similarly banished/ reduced?

I'm currently putting the reading list into this Google Sheet, which may be more user friendly as it allows you to track your progress, filter out recommendations that haven't been vetted (as indicated by a lack of bold or asterix), etc. Thanks so much for compiling this list!

Will keep an eye out for future posts! :)

Bring on the MVP - I've been meaning to investigate finding an EA accountability buddy, this sounds like a great platform for it. Maybe we could create a list of interested people to start doing these buddy meetings

You may have already considered this, but how about setting up an EA group in MooCLab?https://www.mooclab.club/groups/

I don't know if there are any Skilled Volunteering portals for other cause areas, but I'd love to see them! 

Although saying that: I have just discovered this learning coach who recommends some beyond-anki paradigms, which I'm very  interested to try out!

Hey Yonatan, cheers for the feedback! If you haven't already then key ideas guide 2 sums up my rebuttals to the "anki is just for facts" view. Definitely agree that I'm only coaching on computer-based learning (Anki + Obsidian mostly), but would argue that as Anki uses the best techniques for learning (spaced repetition, active recall, active encoding), it's fair for me to advertise this as learning coaching. The aim is effective learning, the tool is Anki (+ Obsidian if people are interested!). There are things like experiential learning and generative learning that I won't be covering, but I don't claim to be  a one-stop shop for all learning methods

Ah you're right actually, think I've stupidly been using "open source" as a synonym for free / non-proprietary. My point was that unlike Roam your notes aren't locked away in their system. Cheers for pointing out my mistake!! 

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