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As part of my https://www.teachingyouhowtolearn.com/ project, I'm interested in trying out 1:1 coaching as a way to help people improve their learning abilities in a high-leverage with a short time commitment. 

I have 3 key ideas posts that outline a lot of the good stuff, but naturally the high-friction task of setting all this stuff up is on the reader, so I'm interested in trying a 30-60 minute session with people where I share the key insights, help set up the software, do a trial run on a resource you'd like to learn, etc. Potentially a follow up session at a later date too to troubleshoot anything, go a bit deeper, etc. 

A note that this is a speculative trial so will be fairly unpolished, but if you're interested, please email me at alexanderklarge@gmail.com! 




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Hey, I think Training for Good might be trying to put together a self-paced online course about learning how to learn. Have you by any chance connected with them? : )

Hey, first of all +1 for offering coaching, I think this is healthy for early stage projects like this (which might still need product market fit) because 1-on-1 meetings give a lot more important feedback than visitors in a website.

My personal feedback from the post: I think "learning" is more generic than what you're doing. If I remember correctly, you're specifically going for "learning how to memorize facts [using Anki]". I'd intuitively write the more specific version

Hey Yonatan, cheers for the feedback! If you haven't already then key ideas guide 2 sums up my rebuttals to the "anki is just for facts" view. Definitely agree that I'm only coaching on computer-based learning (Anki + Obsidian mostly), but would argue that as Anki uses the best techniques for learning (spaced repetition, active recall, active encoding), it's fair for me to advertise this as learning coaching. The aim is effective learning, the tool is Anki (+ Obsidian if people are interested!). There are things like experiential learning and generative learning that I won't be covering, but I don't claim to be  a one-stop shop for all learning methods

Ah! Sounds like I just didn't understand it well. +1!

Although saying that: I have just discovered this learning coach who recommends some beyond-anki paradigms, which I'm very  interested to try out!

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