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Andy is a software engineer donating to long term future and EA meta causes, and investing to give later.


Would any of the funds be able to deploy additional donations quickly to projects that recently lost funding? Or is this an exceptional time where it might be more effective to donate directly to impacted groups, so they can receive donations faster?

Since Meta hasn't specified a start time for the match, should we assume you're eligible if you donate after midnight on Nov. 15 in your time zone?

Thanks for the update. If you have to donate twice, it's really a 50% match on up to $200 given per donor per organization, right?

This was a great reference when the match started and I needed to evaluate more organizations quickly. Thanks!

"Nov 2 8:43pm PT update - Amazing! Givers have rallied in less than 48 hours to unlock nearly $250k in matching. We are thrilled to announce that a generous donor has added an additional $100k into the Incentive Fund to keep the momentum going! Check out our realtime dashboard to see how much of the funds are left."

Thank you! I hadn't thought about the issue through this lens before. I will explore those resources.

Thank you! I will work on internalizing these ideas.

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