Co-director @ EA Italy APS
47 karmaJoined Working (6-15 years)Turin, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy



Background in theoretical physics, passionate about consciousness and AI Safety studies.

Vegan since 2011, GWWC trial pledger, jazz lover, oneironaut.


How others can help me

🇮🇹 Contact me for collaborations with EA Italy, brainstorm on effective group activities, events or projects in Italy. If you know any Italians, Italian speakers, people studying or traveling Italy and interested in EA. Feel free to join or share this EA Italy's Slack link

💻 Making a case for web/internet access as an effective cause to look at (ask me for more!)

How I can help others

🇮🇹 Connections with the Italian EA community. 

💻 Mentorship for the first steps in data science or open source. 

🌱 Becoming and stay vegan. 

🤗 Anything well-being or productivity related (from morning practices to movement and lucid dreaming). 


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