Data Analyst and Consultant @ Quantium
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Data analyst at a consulting firm, previously ran an EA university group.

How others can help me

Suggestions on analyst-type skills to develop that would be useful to EA orgs, and which orgs they would be useful to. Advice on setting up an EA co-working space in Sydney.

How I can help others

Feedback or your ideas!


Can you say more about how you think the solving things part pulls towards x-risk?

I presume the person doesn’t realise those events are hosted at your venue

I don’t think being truth-seeking means you need to over-analyse your hobbies - most hobbies don’t really involve truth claims

It could be partially crowdsourced. People could add links to interviews to a central location as they come across them, quotes can be taken from news articles, maybe some others can do AI transcription of other interviews. I think subtitles from YouTube videos can also be downloaded?

One quote from Sam I came across recently that might be of interest to you: "What I lose the most sleep over is the hypothetical idea that we already have done something really bad by launching ChatGPT. That maybe there was something hard and complicated in there (the system) that we didn't understand and have now already kicked it off."


What about for people who’ve already resigned?

Note that not all the workshops are one-off, eg Future Impact Group was every trimester I believe

My guess is Ben's referring to people like Holden Karnofsky, who went from working in finance to co-founding and -running GiveWell and then Open Phil to now doing research at a think tank.

Ilya is no longer on the Superalignment team?

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