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I'm living in Lyon, France. Learned about EA in 2018, found that great, digged a lot into the topic. The idea of "what in the world improves well-being or causes suffering the most, and what can we do" really influenced me a whole lot - especially when mixed with meditation that allowed me to be more active in my life.

I'm doing a lot of personal research on a whole lot of topics. I also co-wrote a book in French with a few recommendations on how to take action for a better world, and included a chapter on EA (the title is "Acting for a Sustainable World", Éditions Jouvence). I've participated in a few conferences after that, it's a good way to improve oral skills.

One of the most reliable thing I have found so far is helping animal charities : farmed animals are much more numerous than humans (and have much worse living conditions), and there absolutely is evidence that animal charities are getting some improvements (especially from The Humane League). I tried to donate a lot there. 

Long-termism could also be important, but I think that we'll hit energy limits before getting to an extinction event - I wrote an EA forum post for that here: https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/wXzc75txE5hbHqYug/the-great-energy-descent-short-version-an-important-thing-ea

How I can help others

I just have an interest in whatever topic sounds really important, so I have a LOT of data on a lot of topics.  These include energy, the environment, resource depletion, simple ways to understand the economy, limits to growth, why we fail to solve the sustainability issue, and how we got to that very weird specific point in history.

I also have a lot of stuff on Buddhism and meditation and on "what makes us happy" (check the Waking Up app!)


Your profile sounds really cool ! Buddhism and altruism might be a good combination.

EA Germany are doing a project on systemic change (they have a slack for that), maybe you could check it ?

Thanks for the post, I really appreciate the posts you make and the topics you tackle generally.

I don't have time to read all of it right now, but from what I've read (half of it) this seems a very compelling post !

I also strongly agree with your initial point : most of the impacts of future AI will be on animals, something I think has not been addressed enough in the AI safety field.

Interesting, that might be worth exploring !

Thanks for the post, these numbers are pretty big. I also wonder whether negative effects linked to an overuse of screen might be pretty big as well (competition with sports, sleep and going outside, negative effects on mental health...)

Thanks for the answer ! So if I have some friends and contacts that have mental health issue, I guess it would be relevant to provide them these kind of apps (at least in complement)? Do you have in mind some apps that would be better than others ? (Thought Saver is there I guess)

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