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You didn't factor in the response of the Nigerian Government in mitigating the loss suffered by such emigration There is a new policy in the pipeline If it has not been implemented, though The policy is to the effect that some number of years must be spent in Nigeria before some relevant training and professional certificates will be released to you These certificates are relevant for employment By the time it is released to the nurses, another cycle is repeated for the new new batch nurses This enables the Nigerian public to enjoy the services of the nurses before they emigrate. When they travel out, another corp comes in and compulsorily serves the public before emigration.

A nice read Looking forward to a similar project for Equines in Nigeria.

Kudos to EA Nigeria management I will say they are the best on the African continent

I appreciate the insight Mvk I understand better now I applied for the incubation and I live in Lagos, Nigeria. I was confused when I saw the high-priority list on their website.

Rakefet Cohen Ben-Arye, I love the industry you put in the report. A rich one, it is.

Hello Joey I am Chukwubuikem from Nigeria. I must confess you are doing a good job. I get your emails and that of Kristina It's enriching I find it disturbing that no African country is in your high-priority areas in 2024 despite the mirage of global issues weighing the continent down and which is deserving of help from its dwellers and international organizations to solve such issues.

Hi Hayven,

I received your message with much warmth and satisfaction. It is pleasing that my work is being appreciated. I will continue the fight to create equality between Animal and Human Rights. I look forward to connecting with you.


I am a Nigerian Lawyer duly called to bar. I got to know about EA Funds from my online course on Animal Advocacy Careers. I have passion for Animal and Human Rights. Due to the situation of Poverty in Nigeria and Africa, Animal rights are forgotten and put down. i know a project focused on curing poverty will bring out the face of animal rights as fulfilled humans will see animals as co-inhabitants and not objects of food or fun.

There is hope for equal existence of humans and animals.