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Hey! I'm Edo, married + 2 cats, I live in Tel-Aviv, Israel, and I feel weird writing about myself so I go meta.

I'm a mathematician, I love solving problems and helping people. My LinkedIn profile has some more stuff.

I'm a forum moderator, which mostly means that I care about this forum and about you! So let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

I'm currently working full-time at EA Israel, doing independent research and project management. Currently mostly working on evaluating the impact of for-profit tech companies, but I have many projects and this changes rapidly. 


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Yeah, I mostly agree. My thinking is that maybe there are some cases where there are non-obvious ingredients (like the enzymes and microbes added to make cheese). But mostly I'm interested in the other direction - getting animal product replacements more simple to make use of.

Say, I'm sure that the cultivated meat industry has interest in being able to label their meat as something close to a single ingredient, rather than to write all of the ingredients in the cellular medium.

But, yeah, I am not hopeful that there'd be a really good intervention along these lines

In food ingredient labeling, some food items do not require expending. E.g, Article 19 from the relevant EU regulation:

  1. The following foods shall not be required to bear a list of ingredients:
    1. fresh fruit and vegetables, including potatoes, which have not been peeled, cut or similarly treated;
    2. carbonated water, the description of which indicates that it has been carbonated;
    3. fermentation vinegars derived exclusively from a single basic product, provided that no other ingredient has been added;
    4. cheese, butter, fermented milk and cream, to which no ingredient has been added other than lactic products, food enzymes and micro-organism cultures essential to manufacture, or in the case of cheese other than fresh cheese and processed cheese the salt needed for its manufacture;
    5. foods consisting of a single ingredient, where:
      1. the name of the food is identical to the ingredient name; or
      2. the name of the food enables the nature of the ingredient to be clearly identified.

An interesting regulatory intervention to promote replacement of animal products could be to either require expansion of the details on these animal products (seems unlikely, but may be possible to push from a health perspective) or to also similarly exempt key alt proteins.

fyi: @vicky_cox 

From ChickenWatch’s Commitment Tracker, it seems like there's a decrease in the number of BCC and in total commitments

YearBetter Chicken commitmentTotal commitments

(I simply counted descriptions that included "Better Chicken" as a substring, and haven't double-checked for errors)

[It doesn't necessarily mean that things are getting worse. ChickenWatch could be missing more stuff, maybe larger commitments are bundled together, commitments could generally be getting larger in their ask or the target corporate, etc.]

Re See-EA and understanding the community better, have you considered the community of Sea-EAs? Or maybe go big-tent and focus on rank-C EAs? Charity Entrepreneurship's Alumni?

I think in the US it's called "Lobbying" and Open Phil has spent several hundred thousand dollars there

How about improving the climate of discussions on the forum?

(btw, I find it funny that I cringe internally more about posting 11 than about 9)

One key consideration for me is to what extent we think people who would choose to commit suicide, or people who have lived with a long treatment-resistant depression, are likely to recover and live a worthwhile life (and to what extent suicidal individuals can predict their future well-being). 

The academic literature seems very lacking here. I found a couple of recent papers:

  1. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0005789421000228 (a 2021 review)
  2. https://digitalcommons.usf.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=10503&context=etd (a 2022 master's thesis on the topic, studying a cohort of 8,000 US veterans within which 400 had attempted suicide). It seems pessimistic, at a glance.
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