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Educator and coach passionate about supporting individuals along their goals.

-Into EA since '16, highly engaged since '22.

-EA Forum Personality: Ninja Lurker. Never post, but most of my votes tend to be strong, up or down regardless.

-I took the OFTW Pledge in 2023 and will graduate to the GWWC Pledge this year.

-I've got a 2-year-old, so I guess that makes me at least a squishy-soft-longtermist by default.


Fun article I wrote

How others can help me

  1. I would love to meet people who would consider engaging with me as a coach.
  2. I also hope to make connections that may lead me to a full-time job.
  3. In addition, I would be interested in learning more about Charity Entrepreneurship, and connect with people who may consider potentially working with me in some capacity on a startup (co-founder, board member, etc.)

How I can help others

I genuinely believe all the above listed are already win-wins.

So I will leave you with something that will require just one minute. This.


Thanks for this episode and flagging it with a Forum post. Love the little sound that alerts me to links.

This was really cool to read. All quite reasonable predictions IMHO. I'm interested in seeing another one of this type when you get a chance.

I was pulled in by your narrative at the beginning. Maybe end it off with something fun and cultural, maybe a little hint at what dating will be like in the future :)

I met Bolun at EAG and can attest that he's a deeply reflective yet action oriented person. I was impressed at his stories of collaborating with his peers to put together two hackathons. I would recommend employers, mentors, or project leaders to connect with him. 

I can attest that Ben is an awesome community builder and communicator about EA!

TLDR:  I am an educator and coach interested in FT employment that complements my freelance coaching practice.

Skills & background: I am a people person, a strong communicator, and reliable collaborator. My education and professional background is working with languages, teaching English in half a dozen countries and learning a little of each along the way. I love being even a small part of people's growth journey, though I don't love the spotlight. That's what got me into coaching, starting at a US non-profit coaching company. My coming-to-EA story is found here. Lately I've been serving as EA Virtual Programs facilitator, with largely positive feedback so far. In addition to English as my mother tongue, I speak Spanish fluently, and Turkish at a novice level.

Location/remote: Sooke, BC, Canada, Pacific Time Zone. Interested in remote work, but may consider moving for an exceptional opportunity. Open to travel as needed.

Availability & type of work: Available mid-March for full-time work. I have a couple 1-2 week breaks scheduled in for this year.

Resume/CV/LinkedIn: Here's my LinkedIn. Here my coaching website. Here's my Resume (password: howdy) (yes, I'm originally from Texas; no, sorry, I don't have a charming Texas accent)

Email/contact: The best way to find is to DM me via LinkedIn. If you want to cut to the chase, you can book me via this Calendly link.

Other notes: I am mostly cause-neutral but am most fired up by old-skool EA, i.e., GHD, and have pretty solid, recent community building cred. I thrive in ops-type work, especially when my creative side is activated. I like to think that I'm high-integrity, so if you aren't sure if I'd be a good candidate, consider reaching out anyway. I would probably agree, and do my best to help you find someone else!

Questions: I'm helping organize EAGxToronto this year. Want to come?

When I ran a search in GiveWell's website for "employer match", I got an post from 2017 promising another post addressing employer matching (which does not come up) and another article that mentions it offhand.

I didn't go the whole way through the donation flow to check your work (maybe you missed something?) but I think you've found a boo-boo. Well done @Neil Warren; may your little leaf symbol be outgrown.

If GiveWell isn't even mentioning it on its site anywhere, I can assure you they're leaving money on the table. I recall donating to GiveDirectly a couple years ago and got this nifty search tool. I don't know if it was from DoubleTheDonation or someone else.

I've been an avid listener to the 80k Podcast for much of the past decade. I've heard Rob's, Luisa's, and Kieran's voices more than my annoying uncle who just doesn't ever stop talking. I wanted to suggest you invite Michael Simm on to make the case for the charity he founded. I think there's been a shortage of young innovators working in GHD. And his counter-intuitive focus on the US poverty challenges the black-and-white dichotomy between poor and rich countries. 

Will a list of the organizations represented at the Career Fair be published ahead of time?

Hello! I heard about EA in a podcast back in 2015, and have been in and out of the community since then. Now, I'm highly engaged (especially since EAG Boston last month!) and looking to contribute. Planning to post a proper intro soon, but wanted to dip my toes in with this thread. Cheers!

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