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Co-director @ Effective Altruism Netherlands
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I'm currently a co-director at EA Netherlands (with Marieke de Visscher). We're working to build and strengthen the EA community here.

Before this, I worked as a consultant on urban socioeconomic development projects and programmes funded by the EU. Before that, I studied liberal arts (in the UK) and then philosophy (in the Netherlands).

Hit me up if you wanna find out about the Dutch EA community! :)


Are you in touch with Joris and the university group support team at the Centre for Effective Altruism? They might be able to help. More info here: https://www.notion.so/centreforeffectivealtruism/Organizer-Support-Program-OSP-0aa5dc55d97e444da347d8d227db93d4?pvs=4

Good luck!

Correct. I’m a co-author on a post on AIS coordination in NL which has some relevant AIS numbers (sorry for not linking, I’m on my phone right now).

I can provide a data point from the Netherlands. 

In 2022 there were approximately 291 uni group intro fellowship completions. In 2023 there were approximately 212. 

From what I hear from organisers, there is far less interest in EA programmes but a lot of interest in AIS programmes. 


Yeah good point! I'm super cautious about this line of reasoning because, given high enough certainty about the seriousness of the situation, it can be used to justify almost anything. 

That’s a good point Liam, thanks! I should have mentioned it since I was an EU student myself and went through the same thing…

I don't know if you're familiar with the Netherlands but I think EUR 1000 is quite a lot for an intern here. See this article for more info.

I'm still undecided about intern salaries in the Netherlands. Initially, I was surprised by how low they are, but then it was pointed out to me that interns here face a different situation to what they would face elsewhere. For one, students receive substantial financial support, and secondly, they can travel cheaply due to the Student Travel Product. Basically, it feels very different from my experience in the UK (and very different from what I have heard about the US). 

But I'm also biased because I know the people behind SMA.

This is a very helpful post, thanks! 

You write "YouGov also report that respondents are ... overwhelmingly positive towards EA, with 81% of those who (claim to) have heard of EA approving or strongly approving of EA. Fortunately, this positive view is broadly in line with our own findings ... which we aim to report on separately at a later date". 

Could you give an ETA for that? Or could you provide further details? Even if you haven't got data for the Netherlands it'd help us make estimates, which will then inform our strategy.  

Glad you bumped this Michel, I was also surprised by how little attention it received. 

You requested feedback, so I hope the below is useful.

High level: we've been working on our strategy for 2024. I was expecting these posts to be very, very helpful for this. However, for some reason, they've only been slightly helpful. Below I've listed a few suggestions for what might have made them more helpful (if this info is contained in the posts and I've missed it I apologise in advance):

  1. Information to help us decide how to allocate our social change portfolio
    1. (I.e., within meta work, how much of our resources should we spend on, e.g., lobbying, field building, social movement support, or network development?)
  2. Information to help us determine our community size goals (bigger or smaller) 
    1. (The rowing vs steering q was helpful here, but I would have preferred something like 'What do you envision as the optimal size of the EA community in five years?' or 'For the upcoming year, where should our primary focus lie: expanding the EA community's size or enhancing the depth of engagement and commitment among existing members?')
  3. Information on talent bottlenecks. 
    1. (The AIS survey was useful here, but we would have liked info about other fields. This Q from the Leader's Forum would have been useful)
  4. Information to help us decide how to handle PR, or even just how much of a priority PR ought to be
  5. Information to help us figure out what to do with all of those EAs who want to excel in using their careers to do good, but lack advice from the EA community on how to do this (because their talents don't match identified talent bottlenecks)

This is very exciting. A key point in our draft strategy for 2024 was the apparent lack of principles-first EA funding (beyond CEA’s CBG programme). This is quite the update, I’m glad you posted it when you did!

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