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Jamie is Managing Director at Leaf, an independent nonprofit that supports exceptional teenagers to explore how they can best save lives, help others, or change the course of history.

Jamie previously worked as a teacher, as a researcher at the think tank Sentience Institute, and as co-founder and researcher at Animal Advocacy Careers, which helps people to maximise their positive impact for animals.


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I do not know if anything like this.

I agree that "Luke Muehlhauser's work on early-movement growth and field-building comes closest." Animal Ethics' case studies are also helpful for academic fields https://www.animal-ethics.org/establishing-new-field-natural-sciences/

My impression of the academic social movement studies is that a decent chunk is interested in how movements mobilise their resources, recruit, etc, but often more from a theoretical perspective (e.g. why do people do this, given rational choice theory) rather than statistical/empirical. I don't have a comprehensive knowledge by any means though, so could be wrong.

(I generally think that if you have specific questions in mind like this, you have to either draw qualitative, indirect insights from case studies and adjacent materials, or design a systematic/comparative methodology and do the research!)

From a quick skim, the fellowship seems promising!

(Basing this mostly just off (1) solid application numbers given a launch late last year and (2) positive testimonials.)

Less anecdotal but only indirectly relevant and also hard to distinguish causation from correlation:

Ctrl+f for "Individuals who participate in consumer action are more likely to participate in other forms of activism" here


"It now feels to me like the systematic, weighted-factor-model approach we used for project research wasn't the best choice. I think that something more focused on getting and really understanding the views of central AI x-risk people would have been better."

I'd be interested in a bit more detail about this if you don't mind sharing? Why did you conclude that it wasn't a great approach, and why would better understanding the views of central AI x-risk people help?

I think this probably just saved me 0.2-2 hours over the course of the next few weeks (plus some stress / 'urch' feelings). Thanks!

This post was from over a year ago (sorry to comment so late) but came across it via the imposter syndrome tag, and just wanted to highlight that a recent 80k after hours podcast discussed this somewhat; especially segment from 16:42.

Thank you! That's a kind offer and I may take you up on it some time.

(I had been meaning to edit this post with a note that ChatGPT has a new feature that's better set up for doing this with a little more effort than what I proposed here.)

Hi Geoffrey! I did try a campaign with paid Meta ads for History to shape history, mostly on Instagram, and it went really quite poorly. But (1) this was partly due to technical issues with my account, and (2) I know that Non-Trivial and Atlas have had much more success with paid ads. (My suspicion is that having a financial incentive for programme participation is a big multiplier on the effectiveness of paid ad campaigns, at least for this age group.)

It sounds like you're asking more about broad outreach rather targeted promotion of specific programmes. I could share miscellaneous thoughts on this, but I don't think I really have any particular insight or evidence on this based on the work I've done.

Those additional unpublished-but-referenced results are v helpful comparisons, thank you!

I've noticed a fair few times when people (myself included, in this case) are gesturing or guessing about certain factors, and then you notice that and leave a detailed comment adding in relevant empirical data. I'm a big fan of that, so thank you for your contributions here and elsewhere!

I'll tone down the phrasing about Singer and Ted talks and make a couple of other wording tweaks.

Agree with your caveats!

Definitely overlap, although that seems broader and things aren't being listed there in practice. E.g. these posts were examples of the sort of thing I was thinking of, and weren't tagged there.

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