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I'm a contact person for the effective altruism community: https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/hYh6jKBsKXH8mWwtc/a-contact-person-for-the-ea-community

Please feel free to contact me at julia.wise@centreforeffectivealtruism.org.

I work at CEA as a community liaison, trying to make the EA community stronger and more welcoming. 

Besides effective altruism, I'm interested in folk dance and trying to keep up with my three children.


2023 project on reforms in EA


Topic contributions

My impression is that Jaan Tallinn's interest in rationalit- and EA-related projects, going back a long time, was one factor in Estonia.

My experience is that it's more possible to avoid current conflicts of interest, but as people work in the same ecosystem they often have multiple interactions in different contexts over time. I'd want people to keep in mind that the person in their group now may later end up being their colleague, funder, etc. To me, this is still a reason to seriously consider mental health resources outside the community.

Thanks for your post on quick ways to test suitability for bio work!

A post by the former Alvea folks, in case it helps you get in touch with them.

This is the Scott Alexander summation of it that sticks in my memory most: "if you’re against witch-hunts, and you promise to found your own little utopian community where witch-hunts will never happen, your new society will end up consisting of approximately three principled civil libertarians and seven zillion witches. It will be a terrible place to live even if witch-hunts are genuinely wrong.”

I don't know about that, your other work sounds pretty great!

Exciting! Best wishes for the event!

I was so sorry to learn this.

Some other resources:
5 steps to help someone who may be suicidal
Crisis resources around the world

Years ago Marisa was the first person to put in an application for several EA Globals, to where I was curious if she had some kind of notification set up. I asked her about it once, and she was surprised to hear that she’d been first; she was just very keen.

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