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Kaleem Ahmid. Entrepreneur in Residence at EV.

Previously a Community Builder at Northeastern and in Boston. Previously a Visiting Scholar at JHU Center for Health Security. EAGxBoston 2022 and EAGxNYC 2023 organiser.


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We should hire leaders based on how well suited they are to running the organization in question


I'd argue that an important part of running a new philanthropic organisation is stakeholder engagement and relationship management, and this was not a good example of fostering a good relationship with someone who is highly influential and a likely source of valuable connections with respect to FF's goals. 

I think I agree with the general point you’re making, but I specifically I disagree that the longtermist project is incompatible with good PR, and that it doesn’t appeal to common moral intuition (eg people do care about climate change, nuclear war, rogue AI, deadly pandemics).

EA (via discussion of SBF and FTX) was briefly discussed on the The Rest is Politics Podcast today (the 3rd of April) and .... I'm really irritated by what was said. This is one of the largest politics podcasts in the world at the moment, and has a seriously influential listener-base.

Rory Stewart said that after 15min someone at FTXFF cut his call with Rory short because that person wanted to go have lunch. The person reportedly also said "I don't care about poverty".

Rory Stewart (the ex-President of GiveDirectly, and ex-MP) now seems to think that we are weird futurists who care more about "asteroids and killer robots" than we care about the 700M people currently in poverty.

Great work, whoever that FTX person was...

I'm sorry that you had to go through this terrible event, but thanks for writing this - I found it really moving and I think the lesson is a good one. I think you conveyed the value of moth wellbeing, and your respect for it, in a touching way.

I enjoyed this a lot, thanks !

If someone knows/is able to put me in touch with Mehdi Hassan, I'd be SUPER grateful

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Looking for potential co-founders for an Effective Zakat org.

I'm exploring launching a new org which aims at redirecting zakat to effective charities. The whole plan is extremely speculative at the moment (I'm currently funded to explore this idea, including looking for potential co-founders). I'm open to people from different backgrounds, locations, and experience levels. Ideally you'd be someone who is Muslim and has a decent amount of theological understanding around zakat, or have a history of working in Islamic Philanthropy. Fluent Arabic speakers would be a huge plus.

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