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Hi Nour,

I totally agree! I think I'm skeptical of insect farming and my concerns outweigh any of the hypothetical stuff I said about it playing out in a way that could be humane. 

Hello Nour! Thank you SO MUCH for your questions!

Regarding your first point, I completely agree that it will be challenging to get companies to care about insect suffering. Firstly, I think there is little knowledge to begin with on what may or may not be painful for insects which means we exist only in the hypothetical where we assume that freezing is painless even though we don't know for sure. Secondly, even if we were to figure that out, I think companies would only be interested in reducing insect suffering if it was profitable for them. One thing I think is that if companies have to mass produce insects they need to provide suitable mating conditions which cannot happen if they are in pain. Additionally, if we look at freezing or electrical shock as methods of death that are painless, companies may want to do that in order to preserve the dead insects for other companies in the supply chain as opposed to burning them or crushing them. That being said, there is still a chance that insects go through a lot of pain just through being farmed because billions upon billions of them are grown in tiny spaces in accordance to the profit incentives of the companies.

I completely agree with the second point! I think that more insects would die when they are being farmed just because the whole purpose of insect farming is to grow so many only to ultimately kill them. 

So my point on meals from fish was that insect farming has the potential to replace fishmeal which is feed for farmed animals like pigs, poultry, and even other farmed fish. Here is an article from the FAO about fishmeal as feed for farmed animals. I don't think we'll see humans eating insects directly until a very long time as you mentioned.

Again, thank you very much for your questions and do feel free to reach out in case there are any more :)