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I work in crypto media. Worth noting that EA didn't just benefit from FTX, it created FTX. Jaan loaned Alameda $50m to do the original Bitcoin arbitrage, FTX founded on the back of that with nigh a dozen EAs. Source from Sequoia archives blog below https://archive.ph/qFJJN#selection-163.0-168.0

This link could also be useful for learning how Yudkowsky & Hanson think about the issue: https://intelligence.org/ai-foom-debate

Essentially, Yudkowsky is very worried about AGI ('we're dead in 20-30 years' worried) because he thinks that progress on AI overall will rapidly accelerate as AI helps us make further progress. Hanson was (is?) less worried.

Thank you very much, Chris, for the complement and the links. Interesting, and I think valid, point on 'if mega charities should be assessed, then should those with scale take responsibility'. Thanks again; I donated to the GiveDirectly one, but glad for your perspective on StC, since I was not sure if it was in the same league at all.