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Excited to see this!

It seems useful and on priors more cost effective to centralise & outsource some of these things - avoiding reinventing the wheel, and producing the scale that (a) lets you build expertise and (b) makes it worthwhile investing in improvements.

I wonder if there might be particularly strong regional effects to this - maybe Goa had quite a large dog population, quite a lot of rabies, or quite dense dog/human populations (affecting rabies, bite, and transmission incidences).

I think there could be room for further research to identify whether there would be better-looking (sub-country) regions - though like Helene_K found, data would be difficult.

Hey Alexander - thanks for the write-up! I found it useful as a local, and it seems valuable to be sharing/coordinating on this globally.

One thing that occurred to me would be to zoom in on the sectors of the economy that are exposed to AI. I think that in Australia, it might be relatively more concentrated than elsewhere - specifically in education, which is one of our biggest exports (though it gets accounted for domestically I think).

That could mean:

  1. If there are distinct challenges in education vs other knowledge work, some calculus may change (not sure what exactly)
  2. There might be stakeholders/coalitions we haven't tapped yet to support less narrowly economic concerns