I love exploring the complex problems that face humanity. I am passionate about understanding ways which we can better ourselves and the world we live in. My main area of focus within the greater whole of existential risk is the study of nuclear weapons, security, and strategy. For me, ensuring the successful navigation of nuclear deterrence is central to creating a lasting peace and protecting future generations.

My current research focuses on understanding how artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies will impact nuclear risk. AI has the potential to shape much of the world in the coming decades and nuclear security is no exception. By understanding both the benefits AI could have for stability while simultaneously taking into account its limitations and inherent dangers I seek to help guide the integration of AI and nuclear technologies.

How others can help me

I am always looking for exciting and impact for work or projects to take part in. I am relatively new to EA and I would love to meet more people within the community.
As a Canadian, any guidance or advice on working towards permanently staying in the U.S, the UK, or the EU would also be greatly appreciated. 

How I can help others

Coming from a nuclear background, I'm more than happy to answer questions in regards to conflict, probability of war, s- and even x-risk aspects of nuclear use, etc.

I am also a fairly solid public speaker, and while I am but no means able to give professional advice on the matter, I am always happy to provide pointers on how to make public speaking less terrifying. 


As someone who spent quite a bit of time in cattle country in Canada, I can say that your intuition is right. People living by these animals do truly tend to care are about them. On the other hand, killing them is central to their entire way of life and the core of their economy. Without the animals, there would be no rural for much of Canada. Additionally, the difficulty of even modern rural life seems to create a certain hardness that is okay with animal death/suffering and that hardness exists alongside their love for their animals. 

I like this much more than the suggestion to have no parties. 

I'm not advocating for ragers, but parties (a fairly loosely defined term) are great for getting to know people in a personal and non-work related way. Plus, they’re fun.

I don’t think one should need to attend them to get an job. 

However, it’s hard to move away from the “it’s who you know” concept. Parties give you a chance to see who people are and if you would like to work with them as a person rather than who they are as a professional. I would much rather work with someone who knows their stuff AND is a joy to be around. 

The end result being that hiring practice should ensure that the same group of friends aren’t the only one’s being hired, but cancelling parties and the like isn’t the answer.

(I should note that official organizations probably shouldn’t be throwing crazy parties with tons of binge drinking (there is still individual responsibility here of course) for so many other reasons than who gets hired. More moderate events, such as having drinks at a EAG should be continued. And private individuals throwing parties that involve EA people are their own topic.)