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Generalist with a background in software development. 

  • Relaunching my career after a 9 year parenting career break. 
  • Investigating career paths to transition from software development to operations/project management and build career capital.
  • Learning useful skills; socializing, leadership, scrum, agile, cloud computing, kanban.

How others can help me

Volunteer opportunities and feedback to help test my fit for roles in operations, people and project management. 

How I can help others

Job interview practice, feedback on your career plans. Share resources/books/workshops to improve wellbeing, social skills


Interested. Sounds like a good place to work. I will prepare my application today. Thanks for posting!

I never thought of that lol. I am curious about the kind of video games people in ops like. 

One company. You are right about too many eggs in one basket. I'm expanding my search to more companies and focusing on operations roles.

I learned recently my resume is too generic, not targeted enough to the roles and needs quantifiable accomplishments.  

I'm updating...Thank you.

How do you manage participants who fear being judged and may be afraid to interact with the group?

The last 18 months I have applied to 9+- roles at a company I am very interested in and received rejections for 6 roles. 4 roles are under review. I reached out to a recruiter and he said the hiring managers expressed no interest to interview me. Should I stop applying at that company? I am afraid I may be annoying the recruiters if continue to apply to their jobs after so many rejections. What do you think?

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I find your comments fun and authentic. I like your approach to voicing your concern that you don't know something and it helps filter good managers.

"The goal of interviews is not to pass them (that's the wrong goal, I claim). The goals I recommend are:

  1. Reducing uncertainty regarding what places will accept you. (so you should get many rejections, it's by-design, otherwise you're not searching well)"

I get very anxious the closer I am to interview day. I started doing mock interviews to practice. 


Shifting to reducing uncertainty/research vs passing seems helpful.

What systems could be designed to mitigate risks of people taking advantage of others? What about spreading the knowledge of how we are influenced? With this knowledge, we can recognize these behaviors and turn off our auto pilots so we can defend ourselves from bad actors. Or will that knowledge being widespread lead to some people using this knowledge to do more damage?

"I have lots of goals. I have a goal of improving the world. I have a goal of enjoying time with my children. I have a goal of being a good spouse. I have a goal of feeling connected in my friendships and community. Those are all fine goals, but they’re not the same." This post is one of my favorite articles in the EA program. Written in clear, easy to understand language and goes straight to how I feel. I have confusing emotions about doing the most good. 


Having clear and separate goals sounds helpful. Using some resources to go to a movies or meet a friend for coffee is ok. I am having a tougher time deciding whether to stop donating to areas that are close to me. Should I stop donating money in Haiti and instead donate more to high impact areas? This is a tough choice and I am still struggling with deciding.

fold dance community sounds wonderful and fun :)

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