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Hi, I'm Rohin Shah! I work as a Research Scientist on the technical AGI safety team at DeepMind. I completed my PhD at the Center for Human-Compatible AI at UC Berkeley, where I worked on building AI systems that can learn to assist a human user, even if they don't initially know what the user wants.

I'm particularly interested in big picture questions about artificial intelligence. What techniques will we use to build human-level AI systems? How will their deployment affect the world? What can we do to make this deployment go better? I write up summaries and thoughts about recent work tackling these questions in the Alignment Newsletter.

In the past, I ran the EA UC Berkeley and EA at the University of Washington groups.


There’s currently very little work going into issues that arise even if AI is aligned, including the deployment problem

The deployment problem (as described in that link) is a non-problem if you know that AI is aligned.

Oh I see, sorry for misinterpreting you.

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