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Hi John,

Thank you for your suggestion on adding a briefer at the beginning of our post. We’ve incorporated your suggestion. Our briefer can be accessed here 

To provide more context on why EAIF decided to terminate our funding:

EAIF told EA PH in August 2023 that they were very funding-constrained and are unable to fund projects that they would have funded in the past. They said if the funding context were different, they would conduct a deeper evaluation of the work EA PH did over the grant period. However, they didn’t expect to offer an additional grant even after a deeper evaluation, so they did not do a deeper evaluation. Given this and the new funding landscape, EA PH’s co-founders (Brian and Tanya) understood this decision and saw the need to rethink EA PH’s future and hire new directors that could lead and improve EA PH. With our new team and strategy, we expect to do impactful and cost-effective work. Moreover, we’re fundraising for salaries that are 40% lower per hour compared to EA PH’s previous salaries given the new funding landscape.

To quickly respond to your other points:

EA Philippines boasts a track record of community growth and tangible impact, including the establishment of student chapters, successful conferences, and numerous EA-aligned projects and organizations. Because of this, EA Philippines has demonstrated our capacity to effectively utilize funding to drive meaningful change and sustain impactful initiatives in both the Philippines and Southeast Asia. We believe we are well-positioned to execute our goals of introducing new members to EA, building skills and confidence, and providing in-depth knowledge and career preparation. We’ve detailed some of our arguments for this in the briefer above.

Thank you again, John, for your comment—this gave us a meaningful opportunity to reflect on how we can effectively communicate our goals as an organization. :)

We received your donation, thank you so much @mhendric! We sincerely appreciate your support. :) <3