Sofya Lebedeva

PhD Student, ARMoR Co-Founder, OBG Project Lead @ Oxford University
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My primary interests are in immunology, genetics, and biosecurity.  I am a huge fan of doodling, hiking, and travelling. Oh, and dogs are superior to most other things in this universe. BA in Molecular & Cell Biology from UC Berkeley. Previously ran the UC Berkeley Effective Altruism Group

How others can help me

Looking to connect with anyone in the EA community regarding biosecurity. 

How I can help others

Can help with community building or general biosecurity discussions


What a great post! It's super useful and I will send this to them if people ask me for advice. Thank you. 


We will update our website soon. We have two small scale projects that we are running in collaboration with the Oxford Biosecurity Group. You can check out projects #2 and #3 here

Let me know if this helps. 

Hi! @Tessa might have time to write up the alternative model. I don't want to put pressure on them to do so. However, the only thing I can share is: 

  • Hear about it
  • Learning to decide whether you're interested
  • Starting to generate your own ideas/opinions
  • Starting to contribute
  • Making contributions in a more defined area

I appreciate your feedback! Glad you found it helpful.

Hi! I am the "third" co-founder in this scenario. Happy to DM about why this particular choice was made and why it made sense for this team. 

This is a great report! Adding it to my to-do list! If I have more questions how would you prefer me to contact you? Feel free to reply with a DM. 

Could you link the prediction markets for this if you create them? Thanks in advance!

Thank you for this post! Very excited to have this report on hand! I plan to go through it in more depth and leave some more nuanced feedback. I want to add a note that I would also be interested in seeing the rough cost-effectiveness estimates as @JoshuaBlake  has mentioned. 

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