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    Thanks Artyom for sending this! Yes, we expect people to be participating full time in the virtual program. We will also try to clearly indicate sections of the material which are more important than others, and structure things in such a way that missing out on one day wouldn't mean falling behind on the curriculum overall.

    Not forcing myself to be productive when I don't feel like it. Recognising when I'm feeling like I need to do nothing for a few hours or even a day, and giving myself allowance to do that. Much better to double down when I am feeling productive, than forcing myself to work when I don't.

    (Obviously ymmv, and I'm lucky enough to have a job where I can make this kind of system work for me, I'm aware not everyone does.)

    A tourist visa will be enough, I believe. We'll be helping out participants with this process.

    Thanks! Will fix now. I really should set a repeating reminder for myself lol

    Yep thanks for mentioning this, it did come up in the discussion on the Slack group and definitely updated me towards Discord. The vote for whether we should use Slack or Discord did end up going in favour of Slack by a margin of 14 votes to 6, so we'll be sticking with Slack for now, but we might revisit the issue in the future if there's good reason to (e.g. the 90 day history thing proves a significant inconvenience).

    Thanks for commenting! Yep the link seems to have expired, this one should work (and the post is now updated).

    Thanks for commenting! Yep the link seems to have expired, this one should work (and the post is now updated).

    I'll copy in my response from EA Groups Slack:

    Yeah I'm aware that there are arguments against Slack on these kinds of bases. From my perspective, Discord has 2 main annoyances: (1) worse formatting options in messages (e.g. no links in text) and more importantly (2) no reply threads, which can make messages really cluttered. I've mentioned in the slack already that I'd be willing to cover costs if it comes to that

    I'd be open to changing my mind on these points though, if I found that Discord had those features or close alternatives

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