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For the 2024 Research Fellowship, the Swiss Existential Risk Initiative (CHERI) is looking for multiple research managers for our main research areas: Biosecurity & Pandemic Preparedness, AI Governance & Policy, and Technical AI Safety. This role offers a unique opportunity to contribute to global catastrophic risk (GCR) research and policy by supporting the projects and careers of fellows in their specific research areas. Fellows from previous years have gone on to do high-impact work, from publishing AI Governance research with leading organisations in the field to shaping GCR policy within government organisations, to becoming Technical AI Safety researchers.

Please look at our Research Manager Role Description to get more details about the role.

At CHERI, we are dedicated to cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace. We firmly uphold the principles of equality and fairness in our hiring practices. We strongly encourage applicants from a wide array of backgrounds to apply. If you are unsure about your suitability for the role, we urge you to err on the side of applying. We value the unique perspectives and experiences that each individual brings to our team.

Apply Here until February 23rd

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Great question! The 80k problem profile for voting reform links to the Center for Election Science and two (1,2) relevant podcast episodes that may connect to the organisations you are interested in.