Trudy Beerman

TV Host, Producer @ PSI TV
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I grew up a Missionary kid to parents who left high-level corporate jobs to serve God. Consequently, I grew up with a work ethic of working hard, but working to serve and the money was a bonus and never the reason for working. That ethic continues to drive me to this day. I am pursuing a doctorate in strategic leadership with Liberty University. My Master's degree is in Pastoral counseling/leadership, and my BA was in Bio/Chem. I love data analytics, and while I am not a quant, I do geek out on data analysis.

How others can help me

You can help me by referring coaches, entrepreneurs, and authors who want to share their content with a TV audience. This is a pay-to-play opportunity, but we keep that rate to about the cost for an affordable date night on the town. In addition, if a brand has a YouTube or Vimeo account populated with videos and would like to share its content on TV, please refer to that brand so we can build its own, Netflix-like TV channel.

How I can help others

I can help you get your message out to a TV audience.


I am new to EA. My name is Trudy Beerman. I am pursuing doctoral studies in strategic leadership at Liberty University. My business is legally registered as Profitable Stewardship Inc; however, we are active under the PSI TV brand. At PSI TV, we make you the star and deliver your content to our TV audience. We also build these Netflix-like TV channels for brands to have a presence on Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, VIDAA TV, and inside a mobile app (which we also build for our clients). I am enjoying the posts I have read here and commented on. 

This introspective reflection is excellent. How vulnerable you had to be willing to be to share all this. Your focus was on getting a job. However, as a business owner, your points are generally applicable to anyone wanting to grow in their space and make an impact on those they serve. Thank you for sharing.

Is there any online tool you know that does an initial screening to narrow the pool invited for a deeper dive into expertise? Also, expertise is domain specific as I can be an expert at writing music but not singing, so my expertise in music (generally) may be low, but it could be high in lyric writing. So is anyone aware of a high-level screening tool?