Zoë Sigle

Director of Programs @ Farmed Animal Funders
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As the Director of Programs at Farmed Animal Funders, a donor learning community made up of foundations and individuals donating $250,000+ annually to end factory farming, I build out high-quality member programs and guide charitable giving with a focus on effectiveness. 

Additionally, I serve as an Animal Welfare Fund Manager with Effective Altruism Funds, where I investigate and recommend promising grants to reduce or prevent the suffering of animals around the world. 

Previously, as the Global Director of Corporate Engagement at Mercy For Animals, I led an international team in partnering with global food companies to develop strong animal welfare policies for the farmed animals in their supply chains. To support the wider animal protection movement, I have mentored and trained organizations around the world in corporate outreach techniques and strategy, and spoken at international animal protection and effective altruism conferences.

I hold a Master of Food and Agriculture Law and Policy degree with distinction from Vermont Law School. I received my bachelor’s degree in Biology and Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado Boulder.