The EA Houses spreadsheet run by Nonlinear is still active ("Live or Stay with EAs Around The World"). 

  1. I set up an Airtable for the EA Houses entries here (view just the listings HERE), and also transferred over the existing content. 
    1. Also added some new fields I thought would be useful. 
    2. Also created this 'submission form' if you want to add your house directly to the Airtable... will try to integrate it back to the Gsheet
    3. And a new 'seekers table' ... people looking for a room (by suggestion of Ben on Discord; form to input here) -- you can input yourself as a seeker HERE
  2. I set up this Zapier to automate ‘add new entries’ from the original Google Sheet

I could work further to try to get the integration going in both directions, so people can add content to either and they will synchronize. I could also add more classifiers etc. But I'd love if someone else wanted to take this on. (And probably directly scripting the API's is better than using Zapier). 

I think my trial Zapier account should work to keep this updated, but if anyone has a more full  Zapier account and wants to take it over, please let me know.  Update : My free account has limited functionality, so it may not update until it gets the monthly free credits.

Also,  Alex Long started this map of the EA houses, but it doesn't auto-update new entries. [1]That would also be a cool project for someone to do. 


  1. ^

    And it gets a few cities wrong where the same city name is in multiple countries; that might need to be fixed by improving the entry form.




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I stayed at an EA House last summer and had a very positive experience (you can read about my positive testimonial here).

I shared this idea in the original spreadsheet, but I think it deserves more attention: using EA houses or a similar platform to facilitate home exchanges for effective altruists who work remotely.

There are many effective altruists who work remotely, and many of them would benefit from being able to spend time in different cities, whether for work, community engagement, or personal enjoyment. However, working remotely in new cities can be very expensive, largely due to high accommodation costs.

At the same time, many people cannot host on EA houses because they only have one room or bed available in their home, which is otherwise occupied when they are at home. By creating a home exchange platform, we can increase the supply of potential places to stay and provide a lot of additional utility for those who would benefit from it.

Update -- added a 'seekers table' for those looking for a place, you can input yourself here

Ran out of 'Zaps' so if anyone has a paid account...

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