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We're happy to announce EA Finland's Annual Review 2023 has been published.

Reflecting on 2023, we view it as a year of stability. This was the second year EAFI had employee funding, so we had the foundational infrastructure in place. This allowed us to concentrate on enhancing our core activities while exploring new avenues. While we experienced some growth, it was not as significant as we had hoped. Out of the local groups, some grew significantly, while others encountered a (hopefully temporary) plateau.


  • In 2023 our focus was on
    • Ensuring succession and continuation of EAFI and local groups
    • Increased implementation and understanding of EA ideas
    • Continued community growth
  • Our core activities were career advising and the EA Intro Program.
  • EAFI had 3 employees and approximately 35 volunteers counting all who participated in supporting at least one activity.
  • We had 5 active local groups. We discuss their activities in the report.
  • The community survey results are somewhat hard to analyze due to a small sample size and overrepresentation of active volunteers, but the graphs in the report are still indicative of EA engagement and demographic distribution.
  • Our outreach and communications have been broad, including fairs, a monthly newsletter, interviews in newspapers, and social media posts. We didn't have a robust communications strategy.
  • We showcase 9 projects run by EAs in Finland. Over 25 people were involved in them. The projects range from discovering impactful opportunities in Finland and an impact estimation consulting project to Finnish EA content production and an AISF course.
  • Of the 16 events organized, we give more details about the strategy weekend, annual retreat, town hall event and Saturday retreat.

We hope to be able to share a better impact evaluation of EA Finland in the 2024 review, but we kept it shallow in the 2023 review due to time constraints. Find the full 2023 review behind the link.




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