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Upcoming conferences

EA Global: Bay Area 2023

Dates: 24–26 February 2023
LocationOakland Marriott City Center
Application deadline: 8th February 2023 (8:00am UTC)
Early bird registration deadline: 13th January 2023 (8:00am UTC)

EA Global: London 2023

Dates: 19–21 May 2023
LocationTobacco Dock
Application deadline: 5th May 2023 (11:59pm UTC)
Early bird registration deadline: 31st March 2023 (11:59pm UTC)

EA Global: Boston 2023

Dates: 27–29 October 2023
Location: Hynes Convention Center
Application deadline: 13th October 2023 (11:59pm EST)
Early bird registration deadline: 4th August 2023 (11:59pm EST)

What is an EA Global conference like?

EA Globals bring together a network of people who are using the principles of effective altruism to take significant action to have a positive impact on the world. For each event, we’re expecting around 1500 people to come together for a weekend of talks, workshops, and other opportunities. We put a special emphasis on networking and 1:1 meetings, and attendees frequently meet future collaborators, find new jobs, or make new friends.

You can check out content from previous conferences here, and reflections from past attendees here

Is EA Global the right conference for me?

EA Global is mostly aimed at people who have a solid understanding of the core ideas of effective altruism and who are already taking significant actions based on those ideas. This often looks like professionally working on effective-altruism-inspired projects or working out how best to work on such projects. 

EAGx’s are community-run conferences and tend to have broader admissions criteria. They are primarily for people familiar with the core ideas of effective altruism, who want to learn more about what they can do, and want to meet the community, especially in their region. You can see an up to date list of confirmed conferences and their dates here

If you want to attend but are unsure about whether to apply, please err on the side of applying. You can read more about admissions for EA Global on our FAQ page.

How do I apply to an EA Global?

Click here to go to our (new!) application form.

There's one application form for all EA Globals in 2023, and if your EA Global application is accepted, you can then register for any EA Global in 2023. Though please note that for each event you will have to apply before the application deadline, and we will not be reviewing applications submitted in the window between this deadline and the upcoming conference. Additionally, please note that EAGx applications are separate as these are community run events with different admissions criteria. You can apply for EAGx events via the corresponding page on our website.

This change is part of a new application system which will require you to login using a www.effectivealtruism.org account to apply (similar to how you login to the forum). This has allowed us to enable a variety of features that we’re hoping will allow for a smoother user experience.

How much does it cost to attend EA Global?

  • Default ticket price: £200 GBP (with the option of a free ticket for students)
  • For an automatic 25% ticket discount, register by the "early bird" application deadline (approved application required)
  • Discounts are available — you can select from a range of ticket price options during checkout.

Updated travel expense policy

We (the CEA events team) are planning to reduce spending on events in the coming year, which includes reducing our travel grants budget. Previously we’ve been able to fund people to travel to any EA conference they’ve been accepted to, but we will likely be significantly more conservative in the coming year. For example, we can still provide visa support letters, but we likely won’t be able to fund visa expenses. You can check our updated travel support policy for more details.

While we cannot guarantee travel funding, please do still apply for support if the cost would prevent you attending the conference — this can be done as part of the conference application form. When planning around an event, we’d recommend you act under the assumption that we will not be able to grant your travel funding request (unless it has already been approved). 

I have more questions or feedback.

See our FAQ page here. If you have any questions or ideas for how to make EA Globals better, feel free to leave them below, or email us at hello@eaglobal.org. We’re always grateful for any feedback people have for how to make our events better!

You can suggest content you’d like to see at an EA Global conference here





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I would love a way to interface with EAGs where (I pay no money, but) I have access to the Swapcard interface and I talk only with people who request meetings with me. I often want to "attend" EAGs in this way, where I don't interface with the conference but I'm available as a resource if people want to talk to me, for which I will schedule remote 1:1s over Zoom.  It'd be nice to be helpful to people at a time where they're available and can see I'm available on Swapcard. Are there any kind of "virtual, restricted" options like this?

After logging in to apply I'm getting the below message (the My Applications page then says "No applications were found").

I'm fairly confident I haven't already  applied and forgotten about it in the last 2 hours. (I have previously applied for EAGs in 2022.)

Update (22:26 GMT) — This has now been fixed!

Hi Tom, thanks for flagging this! 

Sorry that you're experiencing this issue. We've recently migrated to a new system, and trying to keep past application data has been a little tricky — I imagine that's what's caused the problem here.

We're working on a solution right now, and I'll update here once this is resolved!


Does this post serve as an EAG discussion megathread (as I've proposed before)?

Thanks for the reminder — I think we're likely to post one of these megathreads soon, though do feel free to ask any questions here or email hello@eaglobal.org (though we may not be able to answer all questions).

We've just posted one of these now, here — thanks again for the suggestion!

I'm getting this error repeatedly:

It looks like you may already have a portal account! We're connecting your portal account to your EA Global account behind the scenes - this will be a one-time process. Try waiting ~15 seconds and then logging back in.

Hi thanks for flagging, we're working on this and should have it fixed soon!

I was getting this error a week ago and still getting it today.

Okay weird, checking in on this now thanks for letting us know!

Would love to attend! I'm 17, is it okay to apply?

Hi sorry for the slow reply, we're currently not letting under 18s attend our events, sorry about that (you can see more detail in other comments below)!

Was the 18+ requirement recently added? I know a couple under-18s that were at EAGx in previous years

We decided to introduce the age minimum recently because there’s a lot of logistical and legal work we‘d have to do to allow minors to attend in a way that’s by the book. We've only had interest from a handful of minors in the past, so decided this wasn’t worth the trade-off and that we should just not allow U18s to attend for now. 

We recognize this is annoying and it wasn’t a decision we were happy about making. I hope one day we’ll have enough capacity to allow minors to attend.

For extra context: the amount of logistical/legal work you need to do depends a lot between jurisdictions, and it's a lot more work in the UK compared to the US for example.

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