We’re excited to announce a new volunteer-run organisation, UK Voters For Animals, dedicated to mobilising UK voters to win key legislative changes for farmed animals. Our goal is to recruit and train voters to meet with MPs and prospective MPs to build political support for our key asks. Due to the upcoming general election, we think this is a crucial time to apply pressure on politicians.

If you want to use your political power to win change for farmed animals, sign up to get involved here. Please share with anyone who may be interested – we’re looking to find people in all 650 constituencies around the UK so no small feat! 

We think people in the EA community would be a great fit for helping out with this work because they are often thoughtful, pragmatic, and impact-focused. The minimum commitment required is attending a training, and participating in a 30-minute meeting with your MP and/or most promising prospective MP. 

(If you need some convincing on how useful this might be: Research shows politicians believe direct contact with citizens is the most useful way to learn about public opinion, so this is a key way for everyday advocates to contribute to meaningful policy change.)

If you want to learn more, feel free to check out our website, message me, or email hello@ukvotersforanimals.org.

You can also keep up to date with our work on social media at:

Note: UK Voters for Animals is run by a volunteer team and isn’t affiliated with any of the organisations the team works for. 





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You've probably already considered this, but there are lots of vegan UK facebook groups who I think would be interested in this, with some quite active members who might be interested in volunteering. Is there a plan for sharing in those sort of places? I'd be happy to post in some but also don't know if you've got a more specific comms plan, or reasons you might not want that.

I signed up, thanks for sharing! 

Very interesting and exciting. Looking forward to learning from this.

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