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I'm looking for great books (not necessarily EA aligned) to help me think about aid and charity. Both to help grow my expertise and improve my writing. To help calibrate and maybe give others ideas, here's some books I really enjoyed on the topic, most are pretty standard classics.

  • Doing good better (obviously)
  • Poor economics
  • The white mags man's burden
  • Dead aid
  • Factfulness
  • Elightenment Now
  • When helping hurts (Christian focus)
  • mountains beyond mountains (very well written biography of Paul Farmer)
  • Guns germs and steel
  • Call me brother

Thanks in advance!




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Best Things First is great

Thanks man will give this a read and get back to you

also check out this book series: https://www.routledge.com/Rethinking-Development/book-series/RDVPT

Development as Freedom by Amartya Sen is the book in this genre that has influenced my thinking most. Very conceptual.

Thanks man will check it out skittish I'm not always the best with conceptual books hahaha. appreciate the tip!

Toxic Charity and Dead aid(though both have problems)

Thanks yes have read Dead Aid but not toxic charity. From the reviews it seems to have similarities to "when helping hurts".

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