Hi all,

Amherst College EA (also a One for the World chapter) is organizing a virtual speaker series around the idea of introducing students (particularly non-EA students) to the idea of entering a high impact career, a la 80K priority paths, and we're looking for people early in their careers to come and talk briefly about their field, why it's important, what the work looks like, and what the path to that kind of career actually looks like. If this interests you or if you think it might interest someone you know, please reach out! 

Example careers might be: EA journalist, nonprofit entrepreneur, long termist policy people, biorisk researchers/epidemiologists, AI researchers, people earning to give, etc. 

The motivation  behind the series is that it just seems like there isn't a ton of programming on campus that gives students readily imaginable career paths. Certainly there's nothing that compares to how easy it is for them to get  information about, or imagine themselves in, consulting or finance. It also seems like a way to appeal to not already EA-aligned students and get them thinking about particular issues without having to bring them all the way into the EA deep end.  


We're also not opposed to jointly hosting with other student groups, so feel free to reach out about that as well! 




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