Many online EA events have been organised to keep our community learning and connected during this period of physical distancing. While online events don’t provide the same experience as in-person meetups, they have the advantage of breaking down geographical barriers, opening up the possibility for new collaborations and connections. So I encourage you to get involved!

Ways to discover online EA-related events:

And if you are running online events yourself, here’s a collaborative rough guide to running virtual events.

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The international events calendar is a great idea! Really like you can add it to your google calendar and so easily see something of interest coming up.

Is there a way to report events being at the wrong time to it? The international icebreakers look from Facebook like they've changed time, but haven't been moved in the calendar.

Thanks for flagging this Michelle, I've updated the Icebreaker event for this week it will the Europe event on Wednesday evenings has been changed from 8pm GMT (London) to 6pm GMT to account for people in Europe in slightly later timezones like the Middle East.

If anyone has future errors to report, please email

I'll get this information added in the relevant places.

Is that because Facebook is GMT, and the UK is GMT+1?

Hey Catherine, can you add EA Anywhere to this post? 

This post is being linked on EA UK's get involved page, and I'm adding it to the EA Austin page too (kinda copying theirs),  so some people will still see it. Any other ways this post might be out of date would be worth tweaking too :)

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