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I am already quite far in my medical education and considering becoming a psychiatrist (because I enjoy it) to earn to give (because I still want to contribute). I’m now searching for psychiatric clinics and departments (Europe, US or basically anywhere) for work and education that are prestigious and would look good on a CV (it would also be nice if they were acutally good). Of course there is Havard Medical School etc., but at this point, it is highly unrealistic for me to switch to an ivy league university. There have to be some lower hanging fruits.

I am aware of the good arguments against becoming a doctor, but this is out of the scope for this question which focuses on just one of the career options I’m considering.




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Consider reaching out to people who wrote posts with the Mental Health tag, and specifically to Damon

Thank you, I will.

I think Scott Alexander has a clinic

Yes. However I was thinking more in terms of mainstream prestige.

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