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GiveWell and Open Philanthropy

GiveWell and Open Philanthropy are sister organizations in the effective altruism community. Both seek to identify outstanding giving opportunities, but they use different criteria and processes. 

GiveWell has an emphasis on evidence-backed organizations within the global health and wellbeing space, while Open Philanthropy also supports high-risk, high-reward work, as well as work that could take a long time to pay off, in a variety of cause areas. We think this illustrates interesting methodological differences between attempts to answer the question “How can we do the most good?”.

Cost-effectiveness methodology

Mental health or physical health?

Other newer strategies for improving human wellbeing 

Effective aid

Criticisms of the use of cost-effectiveness estimates

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The Moral Imperative toward Cost-Effectiveness in Global Health - Centre for Global Development  (20 mins.)

Hi! This link is broken. Could someone update it? Here's the new one: https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/2X9rBEBwxBwxAo9Sd/the-moral-imperative-towards-cost-effectiveness

Thanks for reporting this! I've updated the link in the post.

EA handbook translator here. Given that Toby Ord's "The Moral Imperative toward Cost-Effectiveness in Global Health" is already part of chapter 2, "Differences in impact," I don't think it makes sense to also include it in this page. 

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