Magnify Mentoring supports, inspires, and connects a global community of people who are motivated to have a positive impact with their careers and lives.

  1. We are currently accepting applications for mentees
    • We would love to hear from you if you are a woman, non-binary person, or trans person of any gender with enthusiasm to pursue a high-impact career path. 
    • Past mentees have been particularly successful when they have a sense of what they would like to achieve through mentorship. 
    • You can apply here. Applications will close on the 5th of August.
  2. We are frequently asked to recommend potential hires from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds. If you are not interested in becoming involved in the mentorship program but are seeking work in organizations inspired by Effective Altruism, please complete this form. This will remain open.
  3. Following the success of our first two years, we are piloting projects to determine the feasibility and effectiveness of expanding our services to support more people with mentorship. If you are interested in mentoring in an unrestricted round, please complete this form. This will remain open. 

More information on Magnify Mentoring can be found here.

For questions, I can be reached at We would be absolutely delighted to hear from you!




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Just wanted to share some positive feedback for Magnify (previously known as WANBAM) - I found it a really helpful and positive experience. I was matched with an excellent and well suited mentor and and found the community Slack very supportive and friendly.

Aww, thank you!! I am super pleased to hear that :) 

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