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Global Poverty and Animal Suffering Donation Opportunities (2020)

Comprehensively Evaluated Charities

GiveWell Maximum Impact Fund (allocated between GiveWell Top and Standout Charities at GiveWell's discretion; list of GiveWell Top Charities for 2020 below)

Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) Recommended Charity Fund (allocated between ACE Top and Standout Charities at ACE's discretion; list of ACE Top Charities for 2020 below)


Other Promising Opportunities

EA Global Health and Development Fund (allocated between promising global health and development projects at the discretion of GiveWell co-founder Elie Hassenfeld; links to most recent grants below)

EA Animal Welfare Fund (allocated between promising animal welfare projects at the discretion of a team led by Lewis Bollard, the program officer for farm animal welfare at the Open Philanthropy Project; links to most recent grant rounds below)

ACE Movement Grants (allocated between promising animal advocacy projects around the world at ACE's discretion; links to all grant rounds below)

Charity Entrepreneurship incubated charities

*included despite arguably falling outside the scope of global poverty and animal suffering 


Infrastructure Organizations

GiveWell (evaluates promising interventions and charities in the global poverty space)

Animal Charity Evaluators (evaluates promising interventions and charities in the animal suffering space)

Charity Entrepreneurship (incubates high-impact charities)

Rethink Priorities (prioritization research mostly on animals)

General infrastructure organizations

  • Centre for Effective Altruism (local group support, conferences, EA Forum, EA Funds, Giving What We Can etc.)
  • 80,000 Hours (podcast, job board, general career concepts etc.)
  • (I've excluded organizations that appear not to accept donations from the general public such as Women and Non-Binary Altruism Mentorship and Founder's Pledge)
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