We’re excited to announce the AI, Animals, and Digital Minds Conference

It will take place on June 3 in London, with the option to livestream as a virtual attendee. Join us to explore how we can develop AI technologies in a way that protects and benefits nonhuman animals and potentially sentient AI.

🎤 Call for Speakers: Submit your proposal by April 9.  

👉 Sign up as a participant: Apply by April 19 to attend in-person: https://tally.so/r/mV0ADJ

The conference will be followed by an optional retreat on June 4-5 to foster productive discussions and connections between attendees. The retreat will also have both in-person and virtual options. 

We believe the conference and retreat will most applicable to anyone who can offer value to furthering this field. This includes, but is not limited to, thought leaders, researchers, industry workers, funders and hopeful future contributors. If this does not apply to you, we still encouraged you to apply!

Additional details are available on the website and attendee application form. 




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