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Giving What We Can is excited to talk to your workplace or community group about effective giving this Giving Season.

If you bring the people, we’ll bring the content!

We’ve found that these kinds of engagements have been successful for fundraising and engaging people in the effective giving and effective altruism communities. In fact, our Head of Marketing, Grace first heard about GWWC at a workplace talk!

You can register your interest in us running one of the following events for your group during November and December:

  • A talk on effective giving: 

A standard talk we usually give to groups and workplaces (options for 15min, 30min, 60min, new content is being developed right now).

  • A workshop on high-impact philanthropy: 

A new workshop format which aims to get people to reason about their approach to philanthropy and come up with their first steps.

We sponsor some funds, give your group some information on different effective charities and the group votes on where to donate!

Register your interest! ]

Our friends over at One for the World and High Impact Professionals are also running talks and fundraising events this season.

If you want some further evidence about why this could be impactful, or want to see what else is happening in this space, check out the following forum posts:





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Excited to see  GWWC, OFTW and HIP (where I work) cover the space this year and how much we can  collectively raise for high-impact charities!

What's the minimum sized audience that you'd be happy to present to?

Hi Kevin, we'd probably be able to arrange for someone to speak if there was an audience of 10 or more! Obviously the bigger the better :) Or we could try and combine several smaller groups for a virtual event!

Depending on the context a small audience can also be super valuable. Always feel free to just ask!

Huge GWWC fan here - excited to do exactly this!

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