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Seriously, wasn't it only a year ago or so that the forum was getting 30 or 40 upvotes on top posts? Also, I totally never noticed the events tab in the hamburger menu on the top left, and the quality of the posts/comments have increased imo. Don't even get me started on the Nonlinear Library! What leaps and strides!

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I personally think the average quality of posts has gone down but that this is probably okay. The total number of good posts has gone up; it's harder but not that much harder to sift through to find them. It would be nice if good recent posts were visible longer. Or if there was a feature to save posts (maybe I could use Thought Saver for this). Karma inflation seems quite high and less informative than it used to be, boosted by social desirability biases, though it makes sense to take it as good news that there are more people reading, evaluating, and contributing. I want more object-level stuff over community-building stuff (maybe these can be separated?).

On the topic of saving posts - I personally use the bookmarks feature quite a bit. Just wanted to mention it in case someone wasn't aware. The one issue I have is that I can't search within my bookmarks.

One can bookmark posts by clicking on the 3 dots just below the title of the post and then clicking on Bookmark. Then the Bookmarks can be accessed from the dropdown menu that appears underneath the username.

Pocket might be another option to consider. * They have a chrome plug-in which makes saving articles pretty easy (on EA Forum & elsewhere). * You can search within your saved articles on Pocket. * The mobile app lets you listen to articles using TTS software.
Thanks! I wasn't aware of the bookmarks feature
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Relatedly, this uptick is kind of wild to me.

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