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The Centre for Enabling EA Learning and Research seeks to safeguard the flourishing of humanity by increasing the quantity and quality of talent working on global catastrophic risks (GCRs). We provide a cost-effective coliving and coworking space to individuals working on learning, research or entrepreneurial projects relating to GCR reduction. We are currently open for applications from potential grantees looking to stay at CEEALAR between 26th February and 26th March, or from 10th April onwards.

What does it mean to be a CEEALAR grantee?

CEEALAR grantees live and work in our centre in Blackpool, UK. Typically we have between 12 and 20 grantees staying at any one time, each working on their own project. Grantees stay anywhere from 1 week to 1 year, and benefit from a productive environment, communal meals, and opportunities to network, collaborate and learn from their fellow grantees. CEEALAR subsidises their stay, and even offers full bursaries for select individuals, meaning grantees can focus full-time on their work, without financial pressure. 

Who we look for

We look for grantees who are committed to safeguarding the flourishing of humanity and who are ambitious, hungry to learn, and capable of working independently. We look for potential for excellence, whether that’s demonstrated by achievements within EA or in other fields. In short, we look for applicants who:

  • Have achievements in other fields and are looking to transition to a career working on reducing GCRs, or
  • Are already working on reducing GCRs and would benefit from our environment to accelerate their work

Here is a taste of some of the grantees we have supported in the past, though we want to emphasise that we are open to applicants with any background, and encourage you to apply even if you do not see a project or background similar to yours here:

  • A former software engineer working to launch a new AI talent development organisation 
  • A mathematics graduate pursuing an independent research project on AI alignment
  • An ML engineer upskilling in order to transition to AI safety research
  • A former business owner transitioning to a career in GCR field-building
  • A group of freelance developers doing a hackathon to launch an AI safety website together
  • A recent graduate exploring possible careers in GCR reduction

You can read more about our alumni here


In practical terms, CEEALAR offers free or subsidised accommodation (largely private rooms, with a few shared dormitories), communal vegan meals, a coworking space,  and support with learning and networking. But staying here means far more than this. Grantees frequently report substantial increases in productivity, which seems to stem from a few important factors:

  • No distractions: with meals and cleaning mostly taken care of, grantees can focus fully on their work.
  • A supportive and ambitious community: grantees live and work with 10+ fellow EAs who constantly collaborate, support and challenge each other.
  • A productive space: finally, grantees appreciate our fully equipped coworking space, private studies and home gym, as well as our seaside location - we are two minutes away from the beach, a great place for deep-thinking or for decompressing after a difficult day at work.

Our values

CEEALAR focuses on being cost-effective. Our centre is basic, but still offers everything you need in order to focus on your work, and the team is continually improving the environment and experience. This cost-effectiveness allows us to support more grantees; we take pride in our hits-based approach which allows us to back those with potential for excellence, not just those with existing accomplishments in EA. After all, this is where our counterfactual impact lies - enabling individuals to work on GCRs who otherwise would not be able to, or else who would not be able to do so as proficiently or as quickly.


Our application process is quick and easy. 

Apply now

We assess applications on a rolling basis, but ask that applicants apply at least 14 days before their potential stay, and encourage as early an application as possible.

If you are considering applying but are unsure, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our grantees work on a diverse range of projects, and we strongly encourage anyone who wants to work on the safeguarding of humanity to apply.





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Executive summary: CEEALAR offers residencies and financial support to ambitious individuals working on projects to reduce global catastrophic risks.

Key points:

  1. CEEALAR provides subsidized housing, meals, coworking space, and learning opportunities to "grantees" working on GCR reduction.
  2. Grantees typically stay 1 week to 1 year and come from diverse backgrounds, like software engineering, math, business, and more.
  3. CEEALAR focuses on being cost-effective so it can support as many high-potential individuals as possible to work full-time on GCRs.
  4. Benefits include increased productivity, community support, work-life balance, and development opportunities.
  5. The application process is rolling with a 2 week minimum notice; uncertainty about applying is welcome.



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